About Captain Diego Cordova

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Captain Diego welcomes you to the fabulous Florida Keys.

He has been a South Florida resident since 1965 and fishing in the Keys since 1978 both commercially and recreationally. Fishing has been his only business since his arrival in the Keys.

Capt. Diego is a native of the tropical island of Cuba and comes from a long line of fishermen, dating as far back as the 1920’s. His grandfather and father as well as many of his other relatives were bone fishermen and permit fishermen in the fishing village of Caibarien on the north coast of Cuba and have passed onto him the knowledge and experience they accumulated through the years among those beautiful shimmering flats.

The stories they told intrigued and inspired him to follow in their footsteps, and to continue the tradition of passing the family knowledge to his children, who are Native Conchs of Key West. His two daughters are fascinated by their dad and are continuing the family tradition of flats fishing.

They enjoy the wonders that Mother Ocean bestows upon us. They too have come to understand the importance of conservation of this pristine and delicate resource and how we must preserve and practice good conservation efforts, so that their children can also enjoy the beauty of this unique ecosystem.