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My new charter vessel is manufactured by Crevalle Boat Co. in Central Florida. Crevalle Boats feature a new technology being used in the boat building industry that utilizes a high injection and vacuum wrap process that distributes the bonding resins more evenly through the structural fibers for a better and stronger bond while keeping a balanced weight throughout the molding process. Cravelle Boats also keeps the room temperature inside their three huge facilities at a steady 75 degrees in order to control the curing process under control. They are one of a few Boat Builders that have a temperature controlled facility in the Nation and Crevalle Boats is an impressively organized, well run and extremely clean facility.

I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to tour their manufacturing plant and be able to see first hand how these boats are built from start to finish and also glad to have met some of the workers and technicians that employ such dedication in their work. I found that they take great pride in their workmanship and it shows in the quality of their finished product.

I chose the Crevalle 24ft bay boat because of the tremendous versatility it allows me for the various forms of fishing I do. I can maneuver my new bay boat in as little as 18 inches of depth in search of the shallow water species that I target on the Florida Keys flats as well as venture out to the reef or back country bay waters of the Gulf of Mexico and it accommodates up to four anglers comfortably and in a very luxurious setting. This boat has ample room on the bow deck and offers various dry storage compartments for rod storage, large live wells and so much more. All of my clients have been raving about the new ride and have given my new Crevalle 24 bay boat great remarks. It is powered by a very quiet 250 hp Yamaha four stroke that can cruise at 40 mph with a full load of passengers. It is equipped with the latest electronics and navigation equipment and a professional console display.