Boat & Tackle

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DSC00132My new vessel is manufactured by American Sports Marine and they feature a new design in the boat building industry that utilizes modern technologically designed high pressure foam injection molds and high tech materials that make the vessel stronger and lighter than similar vessels of the past. I am honored to have been accepted by the boat builder as one of their pro guides and have toured the manufacturing plant and seen first hand how these vessels are manufactured and put together. American Marine Sports owns three different boat manufacturing companies under one plant. They build Shearwater, Blackwood and Sterling boats, and each company offer various models to choose from. I found that they take great pride in their workmanship and employ long hours in their manufacturing process in order to deliver a top quality finish product.

I chose the Sterling 220XS because of the versatility it allows me for the type of fishing I do. I can pole this boat in as little as 12″ of water while carrying three anglers on board in comfort. The vessel has ample room on the huge front deck and offers many compartments for dry storage plus three live wells. It also offers two enclosed rod storage compartments under gun whale to keep expensive fly rods out the weather and under lock and key. I am confident that all of my clients will be very happy to fish from such a stable and beautiful fishing platform.

This boat is a custom flats boat designed to travel over the shallow waters of the Florida Keys back country. It is the perfect flats boat for a couple who wants to bring a child along. There is usually an extra fee of $75.00 for a third adult.

Capt. Diego is also partially sponsored by G-Loomis rods and Shimano reels and offers some of the finest tackle available in the market today both for spin fishing and fly fishing. Your are always welcome to bring your own equipment but need to understand that the Captain must be aware so as to insure that your tackle will be adequate gear for the type of fishing you will be doing.